15 Habits to be a Successful Salesperson

Selling is an art.The only difference between a salesperson and a great salesperson is not the word ‘great’ but the sales they make at regular intervals. The journey from being just a salesperson to a great salesperson is by cultivating certain habits that reap results. Customers admiresalesperson’s loyalty and trustworthiness. They also know to handle the rejections well.

An individual can excel in the art of selling by cultivating a few habits. The habits acquired over a small period can as well change the mindset of the person for life.

Today let’s see 15 habits when cultivated by a person can make him prosper as a salesperson.

Taking Pride in Work

Being proud of one’s work boosts you to put on your selling cap every day. Proud about how your selling can enrich customer’s life is a booster to salesperson’s self-esteem. Pride generates self-motivation. Being organized and efficient and to do their best in the job without worrying about the results.

Taking Initiation

Don’t wait for orders, initiate the course of work. Successful salespersons do not wait for a task list or orders. They design the course of action and go get it by selling the product/service.

Respect/Admiration for Others

The display of respect to customers is a must to even initiate the sales cycle. Unless you respect their work which is their pride there is no way you can gain their time or attention.

Listening Skills

Customers have a story to tell. Customer’s stories encompass their journey in business. Their twists and turns with success and failure. Customers take great pride in their business. Listening to them with careful attention will reveal areas wherein your product/service will add value to their business.


‘Never Give Up’ attitude will keep you going in the sales journey. The sales journey can vary from a few days to a few months to a year also. So to be persistent and work every day to sell is quite a task. Intrinsic motivation in salespeople is what drives them to preserver for long.

Knowledge of your product/service

Complete knowledge of product/service aids in presenting the facts while selling. Being aware of the lifecycle of a product for usage aids you while answering queries from the customer. Customers can test your knowledge with tricky questions. The questions can be to know about the product or to test your knowledge about it. Your answers can gain you respect or lose the customer.


The ability to fit into a new environment is crucial for a salesperson. Customers welcome people who fit in easily.  Every workplace welcomes adaptability.

Right Attitude

The salesperson has put the best foot forward no matter what the situation is with you. If you are feeling depressed or sad then it is not the right time to approach a customer. A positive attitude with a clear mind is a better approach for interacting with the customer. It is a journey wherein beliefs are questioned and tested with time forcing you to take the right actions.

Passion for Selling

Passion to make your product/service well known by all is what keeps you going. The salesperson needs the conviction that his product/service will make a difference in the world.  The passion of Steve Jobs led to the creation of mp3 downloads. Selling the idea took the market for CDs.


Observation and Awareness play a vital role during selling. The keen eye to observe what the customer is telling by his body language and listening to what he is talking about. This observation can give insight into what to do next.

Being Flexible

Flexibility is one of the key drivers while selling. A backup plan at every instance will keep you ready to switch between strategies.  The ability of the salesperson to gauge how the conversation is going and change the course in those split seconds is what a successful salesperson does.


Selling is an independent job. Equipped with the knowledge of the product/service and presentation in hand with customer details you are on your own. How you sell is entirely left to you.  In short, it is your journey to walk.

Time Management

Time is Money in today’s world. Value your time along with the others too. You can manipulate time with few good tips. Being on time and keeping the presentation crisp and short will gain your customer’s admiration. This will add to the brand value of the product/service you are selling.

Ready for Questionnaire

A thorough investigation ofthe customer’s business would explore the possibilities for arising questions. Frame them with answers and have them handy with facts to present when a customer raises the question. Your preparedness will gain respectfrom the customer

Personal Rapport

Sales are not for money. You are selling an idea that would benefit the customer. On convincing the customer, you will gain the confidence in him. It is now easier to build a personal rapport with your customers. Personal connections last long to open up many more possibilities to sell your product/service.

The above 15 habits should guide you through on the journey of becoming the best salesperson.

Author Bio

Punitha has been writer at Arishna Data Communication Pvt Ltd, she previous have worked as IT consultant and now continue her hobby in writing, particularly in business niche. Punitha is Bangalore based author started working as freelancer after the break from IT Sectors and have written many articles related with inbound call center, outbound call center and all about home based work like data entry services