5 Reasons Why You Should Move to London

Everyone Should Do It Once

Sure, we all know that if you dream of a garden full of home-grown vegetables, dogs snoozing by the fire and chattering school uniform clad children seated around the Aga, a pad in the smoke may not be the beau ideal.

But these days the average woman will not produce her first child until she is 30 years 3 months old. And tending to your own garden is overrated when you can just nip out to the theatre, and anyway, you can create all the colour you want with a few violets in a terracotta pot.

It’s Convenient

Your cupboards are full of stale muesli and out of date milk? No problem, there’s a Tesco Express 2 minutes’ walk from your front door, so you can just grab that chocolate croissant you fancied. And come to think of it, some Greek baklava or an American pretzel wouldn’t be a problem either.

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

You’re concerned to death about the price of London lettings? You like the look of tranquil Blackheath with its Medieval church, but you’re having kittens over the prices? Lewisham’s almost within sight of all that space. You don’t need to rent a cupboard. Settle for a quiet neighbourhood in a less popular area, and with a discerning eye you could bag yourself a separate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom for £500 each.

It’s Easier to Earn a Healthy Wage

The average graduate salary in London weighs in at £27,000. Contrast this with an entry level job in marketing recently advertised in Carlisle, for which a minimum experience of 2 years was required, and the base salary was a mere £19,000, and no further words are needed. Add to this that London generates 20% of the UK’s GDP per capita, and that 70% of companies belonging to Fortune 500 have established headquarters in the capital, and there’s another solid argument. In London, there are simply more opportunities.

You’ll Find Bargains Like Nowhere Else in the Country

Yes, that’s right. Few people equate London with low-cost living, but once you get your eye in, you’ll never look back. Ever thought it was possible to buy your curtains, food processor and outfit for your sister’s wedding from a charity shop? Well, here in our Capital, it is. What’s more, if you pop to Octavia on Hampstead Heath, the last feet to occupy the shoes you buy just might have belonged to Kate Moss.

Sure, London lettings present a difficulty and public transport can be a pain in the proverbial, but life here takes on a bright intensity like nowhere else. Especially once you develop an instinct for exactly how and where to enjoy yourself, and to chalk up some quality experiences.

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