5 ways to make your business and products known

While traditional advertising is still an excellent tool to position a brand, the dynamics of the market have changed and to publicize your business you need to implement digital marketing strategies. If you are thinking about “How to get more HVAC clients?” following tips are very useful for your business.

  1. Build a website

According to a study carried out by the firm We Are Social, 3.419 billion people in the world have access to the Internet. If you average this figure with your local market, you can realize that a well-designed website is the cornerstone to spread your business, because having a presence on the network, you have the possibility to be seen at the same time by a large amount of potential customers .

In your site you must communicate clearly the value, advantages of the services and products you sell; enhance the corporate image of the business and constantly run advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as carry out lead generation strategies that allow you to consolidate a database of potential customers.

Keep in mind that the ideal is that the domain or extension of the site is .com, .net or .org, since this type of addresses are more global and are filtered optimally in the search engines. You can buy them at domain registrars like Goddady or Name.com.

  1. Optimization for mobile

A  study developed by Google and Nielsen  revealed that users spend 15 hours a week searching for information about products and services on their cell phones, data that influence their consumption decisions and that 93% of them specify a purchase. In addition, 30% of the organic traffic of a site comes from this type of device.

No doubt these figures are more than enough to justify the optimization for mobile as one of the best ways to spread your business. But you should also bear in mind that the results thrown by the browsers of these devices always point to the local, and that Google classifies websites with these characteristics at a higher level of results.

The success of this strategy is to optimize the usability and navigation of the site, as well as to implement SEO strategies and special content, so it is worth using a guide to increase the impact on mobile devices  or seek the advice of experts in the topic.

  1. Exploit social media

Making presence with advertising and relevant audiovisual content in social networks and other online communities, is an essential strategy to make your business known. In fact, it has become a trend. A survey by Clutchs  points out that 70% of small businesses plan to implement a digital marketing strategy in social networks in 2017.

The ideal at this point is to hire the services of a company specialized in Social Media Marketing , which plans and executes this work, while you devote yourself to the empowerment of the business, because it requires time and implementation of advertising tactics 2.0 based on concrete data and a deep knowledge of the market.

  1. Optimization in search engines

Surely, you know that most Internet users access only the pages that appear in the first results of the search engines. This is the reason why SEO has become one of the most important disciplines of today.

Although the above points can be considered part of an SEO strategy, to spread your business,  you must necessarily execute one in its entirety, including other components such as: quality web design, optimized content, analytical tools, link building, format of the URL, meta descriptions and navigability, among others.

  1. Start a blog

By delivering relevant information to your potential customers through a blog, you can increase traffic to your site, create a qualified audience and retain your customers over time. The following figures reveal it:

  • 126% of small businesses generated more leads with their blog.
  • 61% of American consumers have made a purchase based on a blog article

Remember that the blog is one of the fundamental tools of any SEO strategy. Each post you publish must contain the correct keywords, quality links and information of value for the target audience.