Advantages of Using a Demo Account

There will be many ads on the internet which will give you an idea that earning money from Forex in a piece of cake but trust me it is not a child’s play. If it were so easy, everyone would become Forex trader and no one would face losses. You can indeed earn tons of money from this market but it is not that much of a simple as it shows in ads. Forex trading is a profitable business but it involves a large amount of risk. Almost every broker warns you that your losses may exceed your deposited amount when you open an account. Every beginner level Forex trader should take advantage of trading with a demo account to get familiar with the broker and it will cost nothing. 

Once you finish studying CFD trading you must look for a broker platform with which you may start your trading career. Finding a good broker is not an easy task and you may need to go through multiple brokers’ ad test them before fixing the suitable one for you. Testing these brokers is easy as they offer you a free demo account by which you may trade with live market action as long as you want without facing any real loss. 

Selecting the broker

After you choose a broker as a companion for your trading career then you need to get familiar with it by building a trading strategy and practicing with it. You should use all types of trading indicators and tools so that you can get to know them better as you had already read about them. It will help you to choose which combination of tools and indicators may come handy with your trading style. Once you know your key requirements, you will be using the best CFD trading account like the top UK investors at Saxo. Feel free to visit now the website so that you can know the details.

Selection of the time frame

Once you fix your combination of tools then you must choose your preferred time frame. If you like to close your trade before going to bed each day then you are a day trader and if you like to take time for opening a position and like to keep it open till you get your result and it may take several days then you must be a swing trader. So with demo trading, you can get introduced with your preferable trading style which goes with your personality.

Flexibility in investing money

When you are using a demo account you can upload an unlimited amount of demo money. If you lose it you can upload again and again. But we suggest you should upload the same amount of demo money with which you are thinking about starting your trading career. It will help you learn how to manage your money and how much risk you can handle. You can lose this demo money and upload it again and again till you found out a perfect risk and money management rules. You can also modify his strategy.

Changing your strategy

You should also fix a risk-reward ratio according to your trading balance.  You can do all of this without risking a single penny. You have to treat this demo money as real money and keep it in your mind you should not change your trading strategy and style during your trading with real money period. If you ever think of changing or modifying your strategy then you should get back to your demo trading account for doing that and should never switch to a real account with getting used to that strategy.


People often ask how long one should demo trading and our answer is until you can make double your trading capital for at least two months. Then you can think about switching to his real account to trade. 

As trading is a risky profession, a trader should always take steps very carefully and should always take advantage of every possible option that can help him with his trading career. A demo trading account is the most helpful service a trader could ever have.