Cleanup after water damage business

Prevention is better than cure and this formula also applies on other situations, like in case of water damage, prevention is better and cheaper than paying for repairs.

There are many causes of water damage to a property. Storms, heavy rain, flood and tsunami are natural water disasters whereas leaked or burst pipes, blocked and over flow water sewage, and some other reasons also. Water damage is the most common and costliest damage which most of every home experience. The cost of water repair depends on the water damage, which may be just vacuuming up of water from a broken pipe or rebuilding of a section of a house.

In case of water damage, it is important to deal with the problem on priority bases to prevent more damage done to your home. It is important to act fast and call the water damage company to start the process with the inspection of damage done by water.

The water restoration companies have professionals, who thoroughly inspect the area and make assessment of damage done by water and make categories. Different categories show the intensity of water damage and help them to make the assessment of cost of repair and restoration of affected area. Less damage means low cost and more damage needs more time and high cost, as well as tension also.

The water damage is done by three types of water, clean water from water pipes and tanks. Grey water from broken dishwasher and washing machine. And the third type is the most unsanitary water from sewage, flood water and standing water which is contaminated with bacteria and other microbes. This unhealthy water can easily cause illness, diseases and death also if left untreated for a long time.

If it is a burst pipe disaster, immediately shut off the main valve and open all faucets to empty the plumbing system. Avoid using any electrical devices like switches and lights in the affected area. Remove any furniture or other things to prevent from soaking in water. Call a professional  or plumber.

Sometimes the pipes start leaking slowly and the damage done is sometimes not much visible. Shut off the valve which supplies the water in house. Call the disaster service for the detection of hidden and visible damage done by water. These professionals are equipped with instruments and tools to find the severity of the water damage and advise you to contact your insurance agent and claim the water damage.

There could be many reasons of burst and leaked pipes, like due to rust or in cold weather. These pipes are usually found in laundry room, kitchen, toilets, basement and garage.

It is important to remove all the standing water and start the process of drying water as soon as possible. Drying process take 3 to 7 days and important to prevent mold, fungus and bacteria growth. The dehumidification is needed to control the moisture and bad odor.

Now the cleaning and sanitization process is started to prevent diseases to spread. Every affected thing needed different cleaning procedure according to its need and condition. Some things are needed to be disposing off. Air scrubbers are needed to remove the moisture and particles from air.

The time taking process is restoration of a wall or whole room. Restoration involves replacing material drywall and insulation.