Finding a NetSuite Consultant to Help Implement ERP

With native multi-subsidiary and multi-currency features combined with Big Bang’s expertise in cross-country companies (including our own). Oracle NetSuite app has your basics covered with ERP/Financials, CRM, Suite commerce, and additional process types, built-in and configured for best-practices. As your business evolves, so can your cloud platform with the help of Big Bang’s expert consultants. The robust power of Oracle NetSuite allows for customers, suppliers, vendors, partners, and employees to all access the same platform (with varying permissions). Rest assured that KPIs and other metrics are consistent for each stakeholder.

With an open API and impressive connectors, Oracle NetSuite implementation is flexible to the needs of your business. Manage all of your key business processes from one central cloud-based solution. NetSuite, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, allows you to run your business from the cloud accessing your data any time, from anywhere. With no hardware costs, no recurring software maintenance costs, and up-front per user license fees, NetSuite is the ideal ERP solution for many of today’s growing enterprises.

Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of Oracle NetSuite from BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, migration, development, and even training. Big Bang’s team of expert consultants has been working with Oracle NetSuite for over a decade, developing sharp expertise on the Oracle NetSuite platform. We know how to integrate it with other platforms best to help your business evolve and grow.

Hiccups, while implementing a new system, can happen. By leveraging Big Bang’s experience with Oracle NetSuite, you can avoid wasting time and resources. With more Oracle NetSuite ecommerce certifications per capita than any other partner, the Big Bang team can show your team the ropes and avoid unforeseen problems.

There is something to be said for having “been there and done that.” By understanding the challenges in a given industry, the industry specialists at Big Bang will help Oracle NetSuite work with your other software and real business challenges.

Everything is possible with open APIs and customizations. However, sometimes knowing where to stop and leverage a pre-built tool, platform, extender, or module can save time, money, and bi-annual upgrade costs. With the team at Big Bang, you will get the best advice on when customization is too much, or when it is the elegant solution required.

Surprises can be great, but let’s leave them for Birthdays! With Big Bang’s team of expert Oracle NetSuite consultants, there are no surprises because we lay everything on the table before we even start. By following Big Bang’s proprietary 7-step methodology called The Big Bang Experience®, we ensure your project runs as promised.

NetSuite financial management seamlessly integrates with all NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM and e-commerce functions to streamline critical business processes. Some key features include billing, finance & accounting, financial planning, financial reporting, global accounting & consolidation, governance risk and compliance, and revenue recognition.

As a Global ERP, it addresses the complex multinational and multi-company needs of global organizations. You can adjust for currency, taxation and legal compliance differences at the local level, with regional and global business consolidation and roll-up. Conduct e-commerce around the globe with multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country and multi-brand web stores that all can be run and managed from a single NetSuite Consultant. You can manage web stores worldwide—each in their location-specific language and currency. Global Services Resource Planning (SRP) streamlines the complete services lifecycle from marketing to project management, service delivery, billing, and revenue management—and helps you drive repeat business from existing clients. The international capabilities help companies manage global operations including multiple currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements across geographies and subsidiaries while providing real-time financial consolidation and visibility.