The many purposes of multipurpose stickers

Did you think that stickers are only for children? Well, then, you are sadly mistaken. Every home, office and industry can make much use of multipurpose stickers. How? Let us take a look.

The many uses of multipurpose stickers

  1. Multipurpose stickers at home

A home is a place where multipurpose stickers find many uses. Print multipurpose stickers in different colours and watch how handy they are at home

  • Homemakers can use multipurpose stickers on their kitchen containers and spice bottles to identify the items easily
  • Elders can use multipurpose stickers to stick on their medicine bottles to denote timings and dosage
  • Children can use multipurpose stickers as labels to mark their names on their books, notebooks, pencil boxes, lunch bag, water bottle and other school items
  • Keys can be stuck with multipurpose stickers marked with initials to identify them
  • Multipurpose stickers can be printed with attractive cartoons, comic characters or messages to attract children
  • Multipurpose stickers with customizable messages like “LEAVE FOOTWEAR OUTSIDE”, “WIPE YOUR FEET”, “WASH HANDS” etc come handy in inculcating good habits for children.
  1. Multipurpose stickers at the Office

Every office has a dire need for multipurpose stickers for the following reasons

  • Files can be labelled with multipurpose stickers to identify them easily
  • Multipurpose stickers with the company logo can be printed in bulk. This can be stuck on all office assets in order to identify them as company property
  • Print multipurpose stickers with the company logo in bulk and stick them on plain envelopes. Now, these plain envelopes have transformed themselves into corporate envelopes.
  • Multipurpose stickers with company logo and depart names can be printed. This can be used to segregate the files and properties of each department
  • Corporate gifts to be distributed to the employee/ with multipurpose stickers stuck on them to mark them as gifts from the company
  1. Multipurpose stickers at the department or retail stores

Multipurpose stickers are invaluable in retail counters and department stores.

  • Various sections of the department store can be marked using multipurpose stickers printed with the store name like “Grocery”, “diary”, etc
  • Multipurpose stickers can be printed with item names, brand names or prices and stuck on the counters
  • Department stores can have multipurpose stickers printed as “PAID”, “CHECKED”, “ok” etc to be marked on items bought or to be scanned at checkout
  • Multipurpose stickers with bar code printing can be used to mark items with the pricing. For this, multipurpose stickers can be bought in bulk and the bar code can be printed on them at the store.
  1. Multipurpose stickers at schools

Schools have great use for multipurpose stickers like these

  • Schools can print customized multipurpose stickers with the school name and distribute it to the children to stick on their school books, notebooks school bags lunch bags, etc. This can help others to identify the student and also brings visibility to the school
  • Schools can print multipurpose stickers with the section names and distribute it to the children to stick on their books and notebooks
  1. Multipurpose stickers at pharmacies and hospitals

Hospitals have plenty of use for multipurpose stickers like these

  • Multipurpose stickers can be used to mark the wards
  • Multipurpose stickers in different colours can be used to mark the test samples at labs
  • Multipurpose stickers can be used to mark the patient files with the initials of the doctor
  • Medical supplies can be segregated using multipurpose stickers at the hospital
  • Pharmacies can organize their medicines separately using multipurpose stickers

Multipurpose stickers can be used everywhere. All you need is to get them from a reputed supplier and start using them right away