Top Star Health Insurance Plans for Family in India

Do you need a health insurance? This is a question that most of us either conveniently chooses to ignore  away from or do not ask ourselves that often. A health insurance is in fact one of the most fundamental insurance covers that one must purchase. It ensures that all the health related contingencies are well taken care of without you losing sleep over arranging money.
No matter how much one plans, savings might not always be the best option when it comes to health related expenses. This is exactly the forte of Star Health Insurance.

There are enough statistics to prove that savings are just not enough for long term illness or quick medical procedures as well. A good chunk of all medical procedures in the country takes place with the help of loans or by selling assets. There are no second thoughts that health and life are extremely important. But a health insurance will ensure that you do not have to opt for loans or sell assets to get the treatment done.

Key Features of Star Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance is one of the very few insurers in the country that specifically cater to health insurance policies. Usually, general insurance companies have an arm in the health insurance industry. Since Star Health Insurance is exclusively for such matters, they have a lot of expertise in the field. There are a plethora of products that one can choose from to ensure freedom from medical expenses and worries associated along with it. Let us consider a popular policy, Family Health Optima Insurance Plan and see its key features.

  • It is a single policy that covers all the members of the family at really affordable prices.
  • The policy lets you opt for an extra sum assured without paying any additional premiums.
  • For every year that you do not claim, the company offers free medical check-ups.
  • The policy covers new born automatically after 16 days of their birth.
  • If there is any need for organ transplantation, the policy covers all donor related expenses.
  • Almost all the day care procedures are covered as a part of the plan.
  • Star Health Insurance provides a grace period of 120 days to renew the policy.

Another popular policy from the stable of Star Health Insurance is Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy. Here is a list of some of its features.

  • There are no caps when it comes to room rent and treatment costs.
  • The policy covers expenses such as second medical opinion and air ambulance.
  • Star Health Insurance bears the cost of health check-ups once every three years.
  • The policy features auto restoration of the entire sum assured.
  • An exhaustive list of 400 day procedures covered as a part of the policy.
  • It also provides personal accident cover and total disablement cover for the insured.
  • If you opt for a claim free renewal, the insurer offers up to 100% increase in the sum assured.
  • Expenses incurred as part of maternity (delivery and treatment) and cover for new born baby.

Star Health Insurance has a lot of other products as well which you can choose from. Apart from the mentioned features, these policies also have some generic benefits. One can expect benefits such as coverage for pre hospitalization expenses subject to a maximum of 30 days. And post hospitalization expenses subject to a maximum of 60 days. Some policies also cover outpatient expenses, dental expenses and special surgery types.


Star Health Insurance has an exhaustive product range that caters to various health coverages. Depending on your age group, marital status and requirements you can opt for a plan. The insurer being specialized in the domain has a few aces up its sleeves when compared to other general insurers. Star Health Insurance also has a large network of hospitals that you can avail benefits from. If you have a health insurance and visit a network hospital, the insurer will take care of all the expenses as per the policy. Star Health Insurance offers health insurance at very affordable prices so that one need not struggle for finances when their family needs them the most.