Why are roll up standee banners convenient?

Every movie multiplex, music store, shopping mall or trade fair has small banner stands or roll-up standee banners displaying product images attractively. The moment you enter the store, stall or theatre, you catch sight of the standees. they are so eye-catching that you gravitate towards them for a closer look and end up making a sale. This is how effective standees are.

Standees are of different types- table top, roll up, X type, L type, etc. Of these, roll-up standee banners are the most effective and convenient.

Why are roll-up standee banners most convenient?

  1. Roll-up standee banners are easily portable

Roll-up standee banners  are often placed in lobbies of malls or theatres at the entrance of stalls in exhibitions and trade shows. They are placed at prominent points of entry and exit  to capture the attention of passers-by. The best advantage of roll-up standee banners is you can move them around wherever you like. In conjunction with their name, they can be rolled up and installed elsewhere. This is of great convenience as shifting the standees can prevent damage to them during stringent circumstances. It can also help us increase visibility by alternating the areas of display.

  1. Roll-up standee banners are truly creative

Roll-up standee banners have a creative design with its vivid colours and catchy content  that makes the onlooker notice them instantly. Standees are great for outdoor visibility due to their eye-catching design.

  1. Roll-up standee banners are great influencers

Roll-up standee banners are the best to promote sales of movie tickets, CDs, books etc. They are also great for promoting seasonal offers, discounts or contests and campaigns. their alluring design and instant visibility makes roll-up standee banners great influencers.

  1.    Roll-up standee banners are reusable

Whenever you feel that the standee is not needed, you can roll it up and pack it to be reused. Yes, the best part of the roll-up standee banners is that they cn be reused. Their artwork can be changed to display different messages or the banner can be removed from the standee to replace it with a new one.

  1. Roll-up standee banners are easy to print

Roll-up standee banners come in the size of 5 meters in length and can easily be printed. Once the artwork is ready, it just takes a few hours to get the roll-up standee banners printed to be in time for the event. So if your supplier is experienced., he can  print the standees in no time even within a day.

  1. Roll-up standee banners are economical

Outdoor visibility is a costly affair. If you opt for hoardings or outdoor signs, you might have to send lots of money.. But not with v. They cost just 1/10th of the cost of hoardings or outdoor signs. that is why most companies prefer to have roll-up standee banners for their outdoor visibility

  1. Roll-up standee banners are ideal for events

event organizers love roll-up standee banners. this is because roll-up standee banners are portable and can be rolled up and preserved easily. When the event is over and the new one is organized, the roll-up standee banners can be used again and are as good as new.

What to bear in mind while printing roll-up standee banners?

The most important thing to bear in mind while ordering roll-up standee banners is to identify a good supplier. a good supplier will solve half your worries as they can guarantee good quality printing, cheap costs and timely delivery.

Get your roll-up standee banners printed to perfection to get promising results.