Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Letterhead Printing

You may be a startup, home-based business, or even a sole trader. Now, your thoughts are always on cutting costs, breaking eve and improving the bottom line. So you think why waste money on printing letterheads? Now, this could prove to be really counterproductive for you as a letterhead often represents the face of your business.

You should never neglect letterhead printing as the letterhead forms the official medium of communication for all your business correspondence. It is the letterhead that reaches the outside world first and it is synonymous of your professional stature.

Why Can’t Businesses Afford to Neglect Letterhead Printing?

As a business, do not neglect letterhead printing. Please peruse the points below for proof.

1. Your Corporate Identity

A letterhead reflects your corporate identity. It is the face of your business to the outside world. In fact, after the envelope, the letterhead is the first thing that reaches the outside world from you in the form of a letter. The first impression is the best impression. So,  do not neglect your letterhead printing.

2. Business Credibility

Your business is often judged by its branding,  printing, and marketing collaterals. A well-designed letterhead reveals the efficiency and expertise of your company.

Even in today’s digital age, letters in print are considered the authentic proof of correspondence in case of legal or financial matters. The professionalism of your company is judged by the quality of your letterhead.

So, do not neglect your letterhead printing as the letterheads portray the dignity and reliability of your company.

3. Creativity

A letterhead reveals how creative you are and how innovative your company’s line of thought is. An ordinary letterhead does not evoke a great response but a creatively designed one generates an instant response.  Customers, clients, and business associates are often impressed by the visual appeal of your letterhead.

4. Direct Customer Engagement

An official letter from a company is treated with respect and dealt with seriously by a customer or client. It engages the consumer directly and generates a personal response.

Emails arrive in dozens in everyone’s inboxes but most of them are spammed or trashed. But not your letterhead. Your letterhead is more official and credible and evokes the right response.

5. Marketing

Your letterhead can even play a pivotal role in marketing your brand or service. One look at your elegant letterhead may even convince a potential customer. So letterheads should be treated as a top promotional product as they play a major role in lead generation and conversion.

With so many obvious benefits, it is easy to see why no business enterprise can afford to neglect letterhead printing.

What Should You Not Neglect in Letterhead Printing?

  • Design – Your letterhead design must be unique, distinctive and representative of your company.
  • Elements– Is your letterhead layout cleverly designed? Are all the elements rightly arranged? Does it provide all the contact details required?
  • Visual Appeal- Are the fonts used legible and readable? Are the colors in-sync with your corporate identity? Is the logo design rendered correctly?
  • Quality of the Paper- How is the paper stock of your letterhead? Is it a bond paper or ordinary paper? Is the paper of the right thickness?

As a business, must keep all the above features in mind and never neglect letterhead printing.

Letterheads can lead your business to success provided they are rightly designed and efficiently printed by expert print specialists. It’s time to stop neglecting your letterhead printing.