Talking About Branding: Logos and Signages and Their Impacts

A business gets only one chance to make a good first impression about their brand and offer products or services. That one chance for the business is the branding, which paves a way for the opportunity that a business should have but oftentimes, is a missed opportunity because some entrepreneurs ignore the importance of branding.

There is roughly around 95 percent of small businesses that have a poor logo, which means that it delivers a negative or a neutral brand promise. According to some studies, 70 percent of your potential customers believe that your logos and signages reflect the quality and the product your business offers. After all, a strong logo and signage would help your customer’s purchasing decision.

Give Your Brand the Deserving Attention

Isn’t it the attention that you want for your business’ brand? So, you better make a good business’ logo and signage if you want the consumers to give attention to your brand with the rendered products or services your business offers. Not only that, but you should also consider other marketing strategies such as tailoring a story about your brand’s product or having a unique value proposition with your target audiences.

Not clear enough? Then let us delve further into this topic. A good logo means that your logo represents your products or services well by communicating ownership to the consumers—that it could tell the potential customers who you are and what benefits you could offer to them while distinguishing from your competitors.

On the other hand, your business’ signage is no different from your logo since it should also attract potential customers into your business’ establishment. Your signage should also stand out amidst the sea of your competitors. Which is why you should look for an innovative and creative signage for your customers and potential customers to notice, why not try out custom metal signs for a change?

Logo Longevity Leads to Brand Domination

What does the Coca-Cola logo teach us about successful branding? Logo longevity. Coca-Cola is entitled as the one of the most recognized brands globally wherein survey finds that there is around 94 percent of the world’s population which recognizes their red-and-white logo.

There was actually a performed experiment between Coca-cola and Pepsi wherein the taste testers where blindfolded, which at first, they prefer the taste of Pepsi without knowing it, however, when they knew about the beverage they were tasting they chose coke instead.

This just shows how powerful a good logo and branding scheme can be. Since Coca-Cola has established their brand through creating feel-good memories, the brand has found a design of their product to evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling making the customers come back and patronize their products and services.

Why Signage is Also Important

Your business not only relies on your logo, but it also relies on signage which also reaches out to your customers since it serves as a landmark that indicates where you are, not only that, it also tells your potential customers on who you are and what products or services you offer. Signage also, showcases how professional your business is and makes a good first impression towards your first-time customers.

Now, this is where a creative signage joins the scenario. A signage that dares to be different surely stands out, right? So why not look for your signage’s design options and stand out from the rest of the crowd? You could try having the custom metal sign as your signage wherein a posh and sleek aura speaks volume outside your establishment.


In building a business, an entrepreneur should not only be focused on the business’ products or services being rendered, although it is a good trait that you are putting attention and lots of consideration to it, it is also wise to take all things into consideration especially if it is about your business’ branding.

Oftentimes, people solely focus on the design of the logo and signage, no one’s saying it is wrong to do so, however, if you want to have a successful branding and marketing strategy, you should plan everything strategically with the intent of making your business successful through attracting customers.