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To feel relax and to get relief from all the stresses, it will be good idea if you watch online comedy movies. Each comedy film contains some sort of funny action which makes us happy and a comedy could be highlighted in a film through different ways as whether it would be serious comedy or it would be silent comedy or it would be some funny dial0gues or horror comedy and many more. It can’t predict what actually audience will like in whole film but, director and producer always try to put as much as they can to attract the audiences. With the help of advance technology internet, you can watch unlimited latest comedy films in HD on our website and it will be free of cost. You can download unlimited only on our site without any additional cost.

If we take a look at history of Comedy films then, it started back since 1895 during the era of silent films where there were no dialogues and only the sounds survive along on slapstick and burlesque humor. The most famous characters during that time were Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton etc. which are still popular among the world. Tables turned on the Gardener or we can say in French language as L’Arroseur arrosé was an 1895 French short black-and-white silent comedy film directed and produced by Louis Lumière and starring François Clerc and Benoît Duval. It was first screened on June 10, 1895. There were many more comedy silent films like Safety Last in 1923, The Kid in 1921, The Gold Rush in 1925, Modern Times in 1936, City Lights in 1931 and simultaneously released after one by one each year many more films. There are more than hundreds of films during that time.

Today, we can see comedy films just changed the complete film industry. Yes, it is 100% true. You can see there will be black comedy, adult comedy, serious comedy and many more. The way they represent the style of film on this genre is totally different if we compare it to previous time. Some audiences still like to watch today’s comedy films while some thinks it is useless comedy. But, overall it makes us feels happy and gives us chance to be stress free. It really helps us to pass our free time happily. You can watch unlimited comedy movies on our website in HD. Just logon to our site and start watching or downloading and share unlimited for free.