10 popular car body covers

Here are some of the most popular car body cover products. They are all just what you need to protect your car from trouble. Although the corresponding models are listed on the products being introduced, sizes for other models are also sold.

If you want to use in the garage Kore!

SKT Industry’s handy half body cover is a recommended product for anyone who wants to use the body cover easily, as the name suggests. Attach the rubber strap to the mirror part and fix it with a plastic hook. It can be removed easily and protects the car from dust and bird’s beak.  As it is a half-cover type, it is recommended to use it in a garage, etc., as it will cause a difference in deterioration with parts not covered if it is placed outdoors with strong UV light.

Cover the car with soft material

A full cover type body cover made of soft material. UV processing is given to the mesh 3 layer structure, and the body is protected from ultraviolet rays. Because it is good for drainage, it is difficult for the cover to retain moisture, and it is also hard to damage the car body. The lining is made of soft material to prevent friction damage.  The front and rear strong rubber and the easy-to-install fixed belt prevent the cover from coming off due to strong wind. It is a soft material compared to the normal body cover and is recommended for those who do not want to damage the body car cover.

Flameproof cover approved by the Japan Flame Defense Association

It is a body cover perfect for those who are looking for a flameproof type body cover. This product, which is also a certified product of the Japan Flame Resistant Association, is a secure guard not only from flames, but also from ultraviolet rays, rain, yellow sand, bird’s Hun and so on. There is also a durable cover so thick. With a nameplate that can be determined that your car at a glance. As it is a large suction cup fixed type, even large cars can be removed easily.   This product does not have brushed back, but brushed “Brushed body cover II” is also on sale, and it is recommended for those who do not want to damage the body of the car with friction scratches.

Anti-theft with safety lock

A full cover type body cover that protects the car with a non-woven 5-layer structure. By making the light and soft non-woven fabric five layers, the car is not damaged and the antifouling and waterproof effect are realized. Because the body surface is made of soft wool, it does not damage the paint. By fixing it with four Velcro strips and using the one-touch belt, measures against strong wind are perfect.  And the biggest feature of this product is that it has a safety lock that prevents theft. If you put a safety lock on your car after you cover it, you won’t have to worry about theft.

Quick installation, cover easily

The hood part of the car comes off because the garage length is not enough; the convenient thing at that time is the hood protective cover. Installation is very easy, just put the cover on the bonnet and just put the assist rubber on the door mirror. It’s nice to be able to take it off when you go out.  It protects against rain and ultraviolet rays, as well as from scratches on birds and cat footprints. If only the bonnet is out, the deterioration will be quicker and the appearance of the car will be worse. Let’s prevent the deterioration of the car by using the hood protective cover.

Stylish two-tone color is attractive

A full cover type body covers featuring black and silver two-tone color. The main use is a plain weave fabric called taffeta with excellent waterproofness and durability, and the lining is a brushed back that gently wraps the vehicle body. Taffeta also has features such as being lightweight and easy to handle while protecting the car from damage. Heavy covers are recommended for those who have trouble removing them.

We protect rain, ultraviolet rays, yellow sand, snow with four layers of the inner layer of back raising protecting the second and the third layer, car having outer layer, waterproof function and moisture permeability function of UV cut. Countermeasures for strong winds are also complete with strong rubber and one-touch belts around.

Protect the car from damage throughout the seasons

Spring is yellow sand, ultraviolet rays in summer, fallen leaves in autumn, snow covered in winter, and a body cover that protects cars from damage throughout the season. Using a high quality PVC coat and waterproof nylon material, it protects the vehicle body from fine particles and dust such as yellow sand and reflects 90% of ultraviolet light.

The thick and solid cover eliminates cat scratch damage and is so lightweight it is easy to attach and remove. The four hooks are fixed to the wheels, and there is no concern that the cover will come off even with strong wind with the one touch fixing belt. With six light reflection warning tapes, you can quickly find your favorite car even on dark nights.

We use material, EVA with superior durability

A flexible and durable body cover made of EVA material that has excellent UV resistance, water resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance and high water repellency. One of the attractiveness is that it has high resistance to ultraviolet light, so it does not easily deteriorate even if used for a long time. A high quality back-brushed material that is gentle on the car body and protects it from friction scratches.  In front and back of the cover, strong elastic with excellent elasticity is built in, and it is also nice to be able to attach and remove the cover easily with women by easy one-touch fixing belt. As you can easily remove the cover, it is a recommended body cover for people who use cars daily.

Hold firmly with front and back windproof rope and central windproof and security lock

It is parked in a windy place, and it is here to recommend it to those who do not want the body cover to be blown away. The cover is firmly fixed to the vehicle body by the windproof rope attached to the front and rear wheels and the windproof and windproof lock of the central part. The cover does not come off under any strong wind. Elastic band at the bottom prevents wind penetration.  The driver’s seat can be opened with the cover on, and it is also a point that you can carry in and out of luggage. The car is protected from trouble by the three-layer structure of the lower part of the high density fluff that protects the upper part, high waterproofness central part, and the paint surface which prevents ultraviolet rays. A fluorescent reflective strip is attached to the front of the vehicle to prevent accidents that occur at night.