The Basics of France Dedicated Server Hosting – Book Now from Onlive Server

France dedicated server is basically a type of hosting service that is provided by a website hosting agency that is exclusively and solely meant for the use of just one single clients.

Cheap dedicated server can be defined as a physical device whose resources do not tend to be shared by other users.  The clients leading dedicated servers have complete control on their usage and they also get the flexibility of installing applications, software and hardware of their choice along with operating systems. It is also important to note that the users of dedicated servers also get the privilege of using complete bandwidth and hard disk space.

When to Make the Choice of France Dedicated Server Hosting?

Having a clear idea of when to choose Cheap Dedicated Server hosting is completely based on the way you are looking to cater to the requirements of your site. Prior to making a definite choice, it is necessary for you to know the expectations of the target users of your site. It is also important for you to evaluate the requirements of your website like speed, performance, data handling and traffic. Quite dissimilar to shared and free server hosting, dedicated server hosting offers better performance, reliability, security, flexibility and control for the end users.

What About Free and Shared Hosting?

Free server hosting comes as one of the best options for individuals running for-fun only and small websites. These will generally be sites that do not require huge data space. It is also important to note that free server hosting is generally ads-supported and the users face several limitations in the context of usage of the servers. Therefore, if you have a big corporate business website then a free server hosting solution would not be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, shared hosting serve as a better alternative to free server hosting. Shared server hosting is not available for free but it is comparatively more affordable because all the hosting resources are shared with the other users or websites as well. Such resources include IP, bandwidth and various other hardware and software applications present within a shared server. The advantage is that the hosting cost is also shared between the co-users.

Nevertheless, if one or more co-users within the serve use up excessive shared resources or get heavy traffic on a regular basis on their websites, it would be easy to expect that your website will experience slow uptime and performance. Other problems that you might face include system overload and frequent crashes.


Looking into the details of free and shared server hosting services above, it can rightly be said that France dedicated server hosting is a much better option. It might be a little expensive but it offers better flexibility, reliability, control and security. Therefore, it would always be a good idea for large businesses to go for dedicated servers instead of choosing some other server hosting solution. With such server hosting solutions in place, you also have the option of switching to the other server hosting options if you experience a reduction in web traffic.