Utilize danglers to sway potential customers

Have you been to a small retail outlet during a festive or sale season? You would have seen those cute little paper cut-outs dangling from the ceiling. They have “SALE” or “25%OFF” or some such message printed on it with a company logo. These are danglers.

The power of danglers

It is really nice to see danglers bobbing up and down in the air as you enter the store. These dangling items catch the attention of one and all. Everyone, young or old, catches sight of these danglers instantly due to their movement and attractive colors. Once they look at these danglers, they do not fail to register the message written on it. That is the power of the danglers.

Danglers are great promotional materials used to create an instant product or campaign awareness. Printed in eye-catching shapes and colors, dangers never fail to achieve their objective of grabbing the customer’s attention. Danglers are used widely during festivals and sales to lure the public.

How do danglers sway potential customers?

Danglers hang from the ceiling and sway in the air. This oscillatory movement catches the customer’s eye. Danglers are also printed in riveting colors with powerful messages. This grabs the attention of the passersby. They stop to take a look at the dangler and read what is on it. They might even enter the shop to check out what it says. Thus, danglers lure customers into the Shop. They also sway the customers into making a purchase with their attractive discount or free gift messages.

Where can you use danglers for the best effect?

Danglers are used in many places – airports, railway and bus stations, malls, departmental stores, boutiques, retail stores, etc.

At airports and bus or train terminals or in malls, they are used as directional signage to indicate “entry”, “exit, etc. But the best use of danglers is for retail promotion. All consumer products can be promoted excellently with the use of danglers. For instance, danglers are mostly seen in textile stores, footwear stores, and other fashion stores.

Danglers are a big hit among kids. Kids love to see danglers bob up and down. So, danglers are used mainly at pet stores and toy stores to catch the kid’s attention.

Danglers are also seen in coffee shops and bakery stores.

Wherever they are used, danglers create a huge impact on the customer’s mind.

What makes danglers so special?

  1. The shape of the dangler

Dangers are printed in unusual and attractive shapes to lure customers. Their unique shape is what catches the attention first. You have danglers in the shape of animals, cartoons, Marvel Heroes, veggies, etc. It all depends on what you want to convey through the shape of the dangler. it also depends on whether your print supplier has the die-cut facility to print that shape. Always choose a print supplier who has the facility of die-cut printing for your danglers.

  1. Color of the dangler

Colors play an important role for danglers. Danglers are usually printed in eye-catching colors. You can find them in bright, fluorescent, or neon colors. These colors are chosen such that the dangler is visible even from a long distance.

  1. Message on the dangler

What is printed on the dangler also counts! So, make your message bold and crisp.

  1. Dangler’s printing

Finally, the dangler’s printing definitely plays a part. If the dangler looks faded or dull, it is because the printing is not good. For the dangler to have the best effect, its printing must be good.

Choose the right print provider to get classy and catchy danglers for your product.